Solstice Challenge Update

At the beginning of the year I started Pat Sloan’s Solstice Challenge, a block a week until the Summer Solstice, doesn’t sound too difficult just one block to be made, but with the usual back and forth of life it’s more challenging than you think.  I’m just about keeping up to date with it and it’s satisfying to be able to sew each week even if it is only one block. Details of the challenge can be found here

The Challenge was to only use what’s already in your fabric stash which has meant I have experimented with colours that I wouldn’t have normally put together, but I’m kinda liking what is emerging. 


Hello 2017

A New Year and no doubt more resolutions to be made, mine this year is simply to do more of what I enjoy and not to forget to look after myself in the hustle and bustle of caring for others. This means lots more sewing!  

I’ve taken up the wonderful fabric designer, Pat Sloans winter solstice challenge to complete the 25 quilt blocks she will be publishing, by the summer solstice, that’s a block a week! Here’s my first block and I plan to complete block two today. The idea is to use up your stash of fabric, which I have plenty off!

I’ve also started on Pat Sloans 2016 block of the month Secret Garden, although a bit behind, actually very behind as I’ve only completed one block so far which is the one at the top of this post. I’ve certainly got the quilt bug at the moment. 

I did finish one Swoon bag recently which was a commission for a Christmas present and as the bag has now been gifted to its final recipient I can show it off. This is the Sandra pattern. 

The holidays have been the perfect time to sew and declutter my sewing space, starting with the two big scrap bins which are now all sorted and cut into useable squares ready for that perfect scrappy quilt, how I love my Sizzix cutting machine! It made light work of the task. I’ve been playing with layout using a collage app on the iPhone but I’m not convinced with the block pattern so far. 

I hope you enjoy your start to 2017 as much as I have. 

*Update; Winter Solstice block two completed, I’m liking how the colours are starting to come together and look forward to mixing the four fabrics up in future blocks.

Swooning around

At the beginning of the year I discovered the world of Swoon, a world where I can indulge myself in as many handbags as I like, a world where colour, pattern and fabric is limitless. Yes, I’m talking about Swoon patterns the fabulous handbag patterns by Alicia Wietholder .

IMG_1658-0.JPGI’ve used tablecloth material which just screamed handbags at me, vinyl and some fabulous fabric from Walmart, of all places, which I picked up on my holiday in Florida.

IMG_1816.JPG These are all the Ethel, a fabulous pattern that is free!

IMG_1833.JPG My favourite though has to be the Evelyn, I made the market tote version which is big enough to hold my laptop, zipped pouch with mains cables and headset , my bionic gear bag mobile office and most importantly my lunch!

IMG_1870-2.JPG I predict many more bags in my future!


Sewing into the New Year

Hello 2015 and a Happy New Year!

I’ve started the New Year with a bang and have been sewing like crazy! I’m determined this year to make time for the things I enjoy doing, namely sewing. Towards the end of 2014 I mastered the advice from fabric designer Pat Sloan to do 10 minutes of sewing a day and managed to finish one or two projects.

Like my second Bionic Gear Bag, which this time I quilted.


Then there was the fleece version for my husband, this was a dream to work with, the fleece seemed to make it easier to put together.



I took my Singer Featherweight sewing machine and my BGB, stuffed full of my sewing notions, down to my in-laws over the Christmas holidays and managed to find time to make the Glenda clutch from Swoon. The Singer was so lovely to sew on and is great to travel with, it looks cute too!


I still need to make the shoulder strap for the Glenda, I guess that will be my 10 minutes sewing during the week!
My mother-in-law loved my quilted BGB and has requested one the same but slightly shorter in width, I need to give this some thought, I was thinking maybe 7″ zips instead of 9″. Not sure how this will turn out.

Yesterday I spent all afternoon sewing and made Swoon’s Ethel bag, this is a free pattern from Swoons website. I am really in love with this bag and the Robert Kaufman, Whose that Girl Paris City fabric which I bought from Patchwork Paradise

I’ve also started Pat Sloans 2015 BOM, Vacation, and completed my first block. Now this was a challenge, first time I’ve tried Flying Geese and as you can see it was not easy! I’m considering making it again to see if I can perfect it. I also got to use one of my Christmas presents a mini iron press, great for pressing the seams on my block as I sew.



I hope you can join me in 2015 with my make more time to sew challenge.

Happy Sew Year!

Foxy Clutch

I’ve had plenty of opportunity of late to add to my ever increasing stash and I have done just that! Whilst on holiday in Florida I spent a few hours (my husband would say days!) in Joanns and brought back some lovely fabric at some really good prices!

I went to the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexander Palace and had a fantastic day browsing all the stalls and finding inspiration in the textile exhibitions. Needless to say I bought a bit of fabric and a few ribbons and trims.

So this weekend I was itching to get sewing with all my new buys. I loved the foxy fabric I bought on holiday with its orange and browns and splash of pink but was a little intimidated at the thought of making anything too big in case it didn’t work out and I wasted the material. Having it as an accent fabric seemed to be the ideal usage leaving me with plenty of material for other projects.
The result was the Foxy Clutch!