It’s been a little while since I last blogged, there just never seems to be enough time to do everything I want to, someone once said to me a busy person will always be busy and I guess that’s true of me, I find new things to do even when I’ve got a stack of other things on the go! I have found time to do a little sewing and been busy making a few of the Swoon pattern bags. So forgive me whilst I indulge myself in my creations and show you what I’ve been making.






Heavily addictive Bionic Gear Bag

I was looking for a new sewing project when I saw a post on the facebook page Quilt a long with Pat Sloan of a roll and zip up kit bag. It looked just the thing for a take anywhere mobile office or sewing station.

I had found my next project: the Bionic Gear Bag, a pattern by Ripstitcher. Little did I know just how addictive this pattern is! I am now on my way to making a second

My first attempt at the pattern, which comes with the most amazingly detailed instructions which makes it really easy to follow, was made using Jennifer Paganelli’s Jenny Eliza fabric which is an exclusive range for Joanns.IMG_1538-0.JPGI’m now considering making several more of these for Christmas presents, it’s such a versatile pattern, my husband wants one for all his electrical bits and pieces and I’m thinking a slightly longer one would be great for my friend who’s into knitting and crochet. Then there’s the one in Oilcloth for a make up bag and hey presto you unzip to reveal your dressing table when away from home! The possibilities are endless.

Fabric Roses

I found this great tutorial today on making Fabric flowers on Ulla’s Quilt World. They look so pretty I think I might just be putting them on everything I make!

I found it a little bit fiddly but I think that had more to do with the tiny square of fabric I started with, a much bigger flower would be easier. I’m not sure my first attempt exactly looks like a rose but I think it still looks effective.


A stitch in time

Well I did say I would post any useful bits of info I come across and today I have found two great links about stitches. I found a few I didn’t know about and some great instructions on how to do feather quilting.

The first link was courtesy of the Craftsy blog this has a great tutorial on how to do feather quilting using different methods.

The second is a free download on different embroidery stitches from Windflower Embroidery


Natures Art

Long meandering walks along a Portuguese beach with my hubby and trusty camera got me snapping away at the works of art created by nature. The patterns left in the sand by the crashing waves were so inspiring, they looked like forests on a moonlit night with a sprinkling of stars falling from the sky.

OK so maybe I’ve got an over active imagination but I thought they were beautiful and worthy of a photograph!