I’ve not been blogging much of late but I have been busy sewing! Thanks to the wonderful Pat Sloan I have been globetrotting around the world (metaphorically speaking) and taking part in Pat’s mystery online quilt BOM, which I now know stands for Block Of the Month!

With a new block issued each month and representing a different city in the world, I especially loved London, Pat taught those of us new to quilting how to construct the blocks and we in turn were in awe of the wonderful works created by the experienced quilters in the group.

I certainly learnt a great deal, not least the importance of fabric pattern! There I was fairly smug with myself for having chosen some wonderful colours that all went together I hadn’t given pattern a second thought. That is until I saw how some of my block designs disappeared into one another as the patterns fought side by side!

I resisted the urge to rip it all apart and reconstruct, instead decided to carry on as originally planned and then in years to come it will remind me (hopefully) of how far I have developed as a quilter. Quilter! dare I call myself a quilter at this early stage!

I’m now plucking up the courage to actually quilt it, I have a free motion quilt foot for my sewing machine which I have never used and really should practice first and watch some you tube videos but somehow I think I will more than likely just dive straight in!