Up cycled cargos

It’s been a busy few days doing the rounds of visiting family for Christmas, eating far too much and not getting any where near enough exercise. All this excess guilts me into making those New Years resolutions to eat more healthily and get fit! That said there are still a few more days before we see 2014 in so I will carry on hoovering up the chocolates and peanuts until then!

In between eating I did manage to get some sewing done over the holidays, whilst I was waiting for the turkey to cook on Christmas morning my dear husband asked me if I could make a cable bag, for all his gadgets, out of an old pair of cargo pants. Secretly pleased that I could legitimately cut up the cargos (they were always a pain to iron, especially the leg pockets) I cut out both the pockets with a 1cm seam allowance and sewed them together to make a pouch with ready made pockets.

I added a button and ribbon tie to hold the main compartment together and edged the inside with some ribbon I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show. I now have my eye on his beige cargos as I quite fancy a cross body bag in the same style!