Floridian vibes

My foray into making handbags had wained a little bit as I had been tempted by other crafty makes such as my Christmas runner and a flower cushion that is still at the petal making stage. However a post on the American designer, Jennifer Paganelli’s Facebook page made me go and have a look at “Hold it Right there Handbags“. Lots of lovely patterns for handbags!

The PDF downloadable patterns come with fully comprehensive instructions and the story behind the pattern. I liked the look of the Coconut Grove Handbag and thought it would be great to make one that matches my Sunhat. I can see me walking along the beach collecting shells, sunhat on, sarong tied around me and my valuables nice and safe in my matching handbag.

I was even more taken with the bag when I learned of the story behind the pattern. The designer, Suzanna McKeon tells of memories of a trip to Miami and how it inspired the bag. It seemed so fitting to make a bag with Floridan vibes as its a place where I’ve had a lot of happy times, it’s where my husband proposed and it has the wonderful beaches where I can go shelling.

So the Coconut Grove bag in Jennifer Paganelli fabric was born! This will definitely be accompanying me on my next trip to Florida.