Flower power

I’ve had a bit of a thing about fabric flowers of late, they look so pretty and jazz up almost anything.

Determined to have a go at making them myself I trawled the Internet for tutorials to give me an idea. There are lots out there, from fabric roses to daisies to…well just about any kind of flower!

Then just as the mind was boggling with which one to try my favourite fabric store, Patchwork Paradise, uploaded a tutorial on an easy fabric flower make! Staying loyal to the ones who frequently get me to overspend with their tantalising fabric deals (they really are good deals and excellent service and no I’m not affiliated to them in any way!) I tried my hand at their fabric flower tutorial.

As you can see I got carried away and made flower brooches for my sunhats and beach bag

Next I want to try my hand at crochet flowers, although those of you who follow me on twitter @cruickshancraft will know that I haven’t quite got the hang of crochet, much to the amusement of my mother-in-law! She is trying her best to teach me but this pupil is hard work!




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