Holiday prep

Last Sunday whilst waiting for the men’s final at Wimbledon to start, I sat out in the sunshine and finally got around to making a beach bag for my summer holidays. I saw a tutorial on Pinterest which claimed to be a simple six pocket bag just what I was after!

I didn’t follow the sizes in the tutorial, instead cut out the simple pieces according to the material I had and to what I thought looked like a decent sized beach bag. It really was a simple bag to make and I recommend having a look at the tutorial.

I confess to making one little mistake, when sewing across the corners to get the box shape on the bottom I sewed them the wrong way! By this time Andy Murray was on his third match point and I blame him for the distraction! It was easily rectified though.

The pockets on the front are perfect for slipping in your sun lotion, sunglasses, flip flops and paperback novel (I’m kinda old fashioned!) making it all very organised.

I’m all set for the beach now, got my sunhat, got my beach bag!



…and this is where we’re heading, dreamy bliss!




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