Christmas in June

I had the rare luxury of a day off work today and decided to cast my mind to Christmas. Christmas?!! It’s only June!

Several months ago I bought some wonderful fabric by Sheri McCully for Riley Blake called Alpine Wonderland, a great Christmas design. Since then I’ve been adding to my stash with other fabrics that matched with the idea of making a mantle piece runner for Christmas.

I originally saw on Pinterest a runner that had overlapping banner flags of differing lengths and fell in love with the design. I had no idea how to construct it and spent quite a bit of time in the garden pondering how I was going to make it (well it was sunny!).

I got there in the end and even managed to make it double sided, in case I fancy a change one year.






5 thoughts on “Christmas in June

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  2. I spotted your post on Twitter earlier. I love handmade Christmas decorations. I’ve written a little piece about this mantelpiece runner on my blog and linked back. I think my readers will be as inspired as I am by this.

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