Memory cushions

My husband was about to throw out two of his much loved t-shirts when he stopped by my sewing machine and pondered on an idea. Do you think you could make a cushion out of these? Mmm now there’s a challenge! It was actually quite a good idea of his (don’t tell him I said that!) as the t-shirts in question remind us both of some great holidays we had in the USA, not just because he wore them on said holidays but the prints on them are about the places we’ve been to, it would be a shame to throw them out.

I haven’t yet started on the challenge but am thinking of perhaps putting a little batting behind them although not sure the fabric will behave well if I try and quilt it, will have to interface them. I have ideas of a patchwork border or maybe cut the t-shirts up into patchwork squares, I could even find a way of mixing in an old pair of his jeans somehow.

Now I’m starting to get creative!



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