My first Quilt

My first Quilt

Inspired by some lovely fabric from Patchwork Paradise and my husbands childhood hobby of collecting stamps I have made a start on making my first quilt. The design kind of evolved as I went along and I’ve learnt a lot about cutting the patches out. I’ve since invested in a cutting board and rotary cutter which works much better than being let loose with the scissors!

Originally I had planned to use the blue ditsy heart fabric for another project but the stamps were getting lost and I needed something to lift them out from the gold Tilda fabric. Its not quite finished as I’ve ordered some blue and white flowered material to make a border all round then I plan to bind the edges with blue ditsy. I’m a little nervous at basting having only just recently learnt what it is! There’s a good tutorial I found here.

I’m going to call it a lap quilt for summer evenings on the decking when it’s starting to cool down but you really don’t want to go back inside! I fancy making a matching foot rest or maybe just a cushion next!


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